Ceremony Sound

We have a number of small, high quality, plug in or batter powered sound systems available for rent. These are specially designed for wedding ceremonies that happen in a meadow, a back yard, on a hill top, or other romantic location away from a power source or where a traditional DJ setup would be inappropriate.

We have three different rental options:

1) We can rent the equipment to you and you can pick it up, set it up and run it, then return it to us. It’s light, has wheels, and is easy to run.

2) We can deliver the equipment and pick it up from your event location, but you run it yourself.

3) ALL INCLUSIVE – We can provide an engineer who will deliver and set up the equipment, run it for you throughout your event, and can even provide you with a recording if you’d like.

The equipment can include 1-4 speakers, bluetooth connections, wireless handheld mics, wired handheld mics, wireless lavalier mics, cd/dvd/mp3 inputs, and much more.

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