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Simply put if you need music or musicians you’ve come to the right place.  As talent representatives we’ve provided musicians for over 100 Broadway musicals including national tours, regional theaters, and even local and community theaters.  We book individual musicians or groups for live performances and recording sessions. In addition, we own, manage, represent, and book musical groups for events both public and private.  For information on booking individual musicians please contact us.

For information on some of our amazing groups and performers check them out here:

Adam Overacker – Bassist

If you need bass, you need Adam. Adam’s energy and enthusiasm bring life to every band and orchestra he works with. He’s played thousands of performances in many styles and is a versatile, adaptable player.

Our catalogue of entertainers and performing groups is extensive, including Bluegrass, Jazz, Sinatra style, DJ’s, rockabilly, and The Patsy Cline Show, where you’ll swear you were watching Patsy herself in concert. We also have contacts throughout the industry and can connect you with party bands, harpists, jugglers, magicians, balloon artists, and most anything else you could ask for. We’ve booked dance troupes, samba dancers, sound engineers, backline equipment, solo pianists, accordion players, fiddlers, even Irish dancers.

String Love

Our most popular wedding group, String Love is one of the most professional and experienced string ensembles in Utah. A highly adaptable set of string players who specialize in pop and rock music, they also love classical favorites. The group usually appears as a quartet, however they are known for being versatile and they love special requests.

String trio, quartet, quintet, strings plus harp, strings plus vocals, strings and piano, strings and guitar, custom arrangements, playing with backing tracks, we’ve done it all! To view their song list and see extensive pictures of the group visit them at www.stringlove.com.

We have helped provide entertainment for thousands of events over the last 15 years and love being asked for options that are new, unique, and different. If we don’t have it, we’ll know exactly who to connect you to that does and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of in the process.

Take 3

Take 3 is a jazz group and so much more! Take 3 took their jazz standards repertoire and added pop, rock, indie, and even hip hop to their repertoire. Perfect for any background music situation – cocktail parties, holiday parties, luncheons, corporate events – anything that needs to be both classy and fun. Take 3 is also often been called upon to be the backing band for jazz vocalists throughout Utah. Take 3 most often appears as a trio but also works great in smaller and larger iterations, including big band and 7 piece party band.

Take 3 is still actively booking, we’d love to be a part of your event


How do we know what musicians you can provide?” That’s a great question and the easy answer is we can provide pretty much anything you’d find in an orchestra or band. Our musicians are experienced and highly professional, they’ve toured the world with Broadway musicals, rock bands, performed with national symphonies, lived on tour buses, studied at the world’s great conservatories, played at music festivals, appeared on television, and they want to work for you!


“I’d stay here all night drinking beer and watching you guys!” Unbranded is our country band, great for country and western themed dance parties, county and state fairs, or any other time you’d like to put on your boots and kick up your heels.

Do you have a business license, contracts, and references? Absolutely! We are well established, have been in business for many years, and are constantly working to improve our products and our offerings. We are trusted by many of Utah’s top wedding planners and event professionals.

Utah String Quartet

Performing traditional favorites for weddings and black tie events, from Beethoven and Mozart to Tchaikovsky and Ravel. If you love classical music, you need the USQ.

My tour/musical/band/circus/show is coming in to town and I need pit musicians/a band/orchestra/backup singers/etc. Can I book that through you? Yes! We book musicians for events large an small, long term, short term, or single engagement. Learn more here or contact us for more information.

The Dave Bowen Orchestra

Easily the most popular group in Utah, The DBO plays hundreds of performances a year (that’s no exaggeration) and has the largest song list of any group in Utah. The group looks like a jazz trio, but be prepared to hear Snoop Dogg, Modest Mouse, and Lizzo!

The SugaTones – Motown and Soul Band

Grade A classic songs that will have people of all ages singing along and dancing in the streets!

Other Groups and Entertainment

Having been in business this long it would be impossible to list all the shows we’ve booked and all the groups we’ve supplied musicians for, so here is a collection of some of our favorite photos.

Ceremony Sound

On Site Music has high quality wireless and battery powered PA systems available to rent. These are perfect for small to mid size events that aren’t near a power outlet. If your wedding ceremony or other event is in a meadow, a back yard, a gazebo, pavilion, mountain top, or anywhere else that does not have power, use our system.

Retail Sales

On Site Music sells instruments, accessories, and sheet music – primarily bass related. Brands include Fishman (we love their SA330x!), Gator Cases, Asterope, Mike Lull, Alfred Publishing, Hal Leonard, Carl Fischer Publishing, Thomastik Strings, Franklin Straps, Galaxy Audio, George L Cables, Hip Shot Tuners, K&K Sound, Kolstein rosin and string products, and many others. Most non-sheet-music orders are custom orders so please contact us directly for inquiries.


On Site Music also runs bass workshops, clinics, and private lessons. If you’d like to schedule a workshop, clinic, performance, or zoom lesson, please let us know.

Contact Us

On Site Music is an entertainment booking agency based out of Salt Lake City. For information on booking musicians, musical groups, or any of our other services, please contact us here.

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